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Natural Breast Augmentation with Stem Cell Enhancement

Natural Breast Augmentation is today’s answer for many women who want to change the size and shape of their breasts for whatever your reason may be.

We hear remarks such as: “I have average-sized, nicely shaped breasts, but I’d like more volume,” or “Since having my children…my breasts have really shrunk!” and “Since losing a lot of weight…my breasts barely exist, and I DO NOT want artificial implants or to look done.” The good news is that Dr. Berger can help you get the breast size and shape without surgery by using your own natural fat cells!

Natural Breast Augmentation fees start at $6500 and up. There are several factors that determine the fee schedule such as the number of areas being treated, procedure time, stem cell enhancement and overall goals.

Please note: there is a consultation fee for Natural Breast Augmentation which is $150 and will go towards the procedure.

Advantages of natural breast augmentation

  • Most advanced, safe, age defying method of natural breast augmentation
  • No surgery, No general anesthesia, No long incision scarring, No implants,
  • Little to no pain/discomfort, faster recovery and little to no downtime
  • Employs your own regenerative fat and stem cells
  • Can increase breast size by one to two cup sizes, naturally
  • Enhances breast volume, shape and feel naturally
  • Results are longer lasting and natural looking
  • Advanced Lipo procedure allows for artistic contouring of other areas
  • Advanced Lipo enhances fat/stem cell survival while being among the safest, gentlest methods available today
  • Sculpting other areas compliments the breast augmentation for an improved total body look
  • Natural looking accurate results seen in days or weeks…not months!

Dr. Berger avoids aggressive, unnecessarily traumatic methods. He only offers today’s safe, gentler alternatives to yesterdays’ more aggressive traditional methods.

Who is an ideal candidate?

  • You must have enough fat in order for this procedure to be successful. An ideal candidate should not have a BMI that is less than 21, unless there is localized fat in a certain area of the body.
  • Anyone who desires a permanent increase in breast size that is natural in appearance.
  • Anyone who does NOT want surgery or synthetic breast implants.
  • The Natural Breast Augmentation is ideal for the person who has lost fullness in her breast due to age, weight fluctuations, and breast feeding.
  • A 1-2 cup size increase is the maximum that can be achieved from this procedure. However, if the person would not be happy with anything LESS than a 2 cup size increase breast implants should be considered.
  • Anyone who is comfortable with wearing the Brava System for 3 weeks prior to the procedure and for a week following. You can read about it on www.Brava.com
  • Natural Breast Augmentation procedure costs start at $7,500.
  • Non-Smokers. Anyone who smokes would not be a candidate.

All natural, fat transfer breast augmentation information

Using your own fat cells (a rich source of regenerative stem cells) is today’s most advanced…completely natural method of non surgical breast enlargement. Dr. Berger can harvest fat cells from your abdomen, hips or thighs and use it to enhance your breast size and shape using a gentle liposuction technique and technology. This also helps to reshape and contour the area of your body from which the fat is being harvested. So, you can get the breast size and contour of your dreams while getting another area of your body downsized and reshaped at the same time.

Stem cell and PRP enhanced fat transfer

Fat transfer has been in use for several years and works very well to replace lost fat volume in several areas of the body. It is natural since it comes from your own body and is why many people prefer it over other options.
Now we can enhance fat transfer even more by including PRP and “stem cells” in the process. Stem cells are also manufactured in our own body and they may increase the effectiveness of a fat transfer by creating an enhanced natural blood supply to that area. Fat transfers, in and by themselves are fabulous and get amazing, long lasting results…but adding stem cells to the process may increase the benefits even more. You can choose the method you think is right for you.

Old method…breast implants

Breast Implants have been in use for several decades and have always posed certain risks plus invasive surgery. Read on to see what’s involved with saline or silicone implants:

  • Implant breast augmentation involves invasive surgery
  • Invasive surgery requires cutting and general anesthesia
  • Implants are either saline or silicone…both are foreign objects
  • Sometimes implants are rejected by the body
  • Implants may become leaky or rupture
  • Surgical replacement is required about every ten years
  • Women often say that their implants feel heavy and unnatural
  • Implants typically become hard over time
  • Implant surgery causes scars, scar tissue and discomfort
  • There is a new…all natural…non surgical option today!
  • Cutting Edge Breast Enhancement…Without the Cutting!

Dr. Andre Berger is always one of the first Southern California physicians to offer his patients the newest, most advanced…yet safest treatment options available.

Natural breast augmentation & Advanced Lipo

Performed while you’re awake, Natural Breast Augmentation is a combination of Liposculpture, using the Advanced Lipo to harvest the fat (and stem cells if you choose this option), and the injection of the processed extract into pre targeted breast areas. The stem cell enhancement may greatly boost the survival of the fat cells and may result in a more permanent increase in overall breast size.

The Advanced liposuction method is gentle. This means no brute force is needed during the liposuction so there almost always is little to no bruising or discomfort, and recovery is much faster. Fat is taken from various areas, including the abs, hips and thighs… which means these areas get sculpted and contoured as part of the deal!

About stem cells

The stem cells used are not the controversial embryonic stem cells. They are naturally occurring mesenchymal regenerative cells contained within our own natural fat. Stem cells offer the following benefits when injected:

  • Grow new blood vessels to nourish the fat
  • Release anti inflammatory agents to aid healing
  • Generate and release growth factors that tighten and rejuvenate breast skin
  • A cutting edge option used around the world today


Q: I read most of the fat doesn’t survive so more than one surgery is needed?
A: New techniques have proven an 85-90% fat survival. Stem cell techniques in Europe and Japan have shown fat survival to be even higher. The end result is enlarged breasts that are very natural in appearance and feel without the complications associated with implants. Unlike traditional implants, this procedure will not interfere with future mammograms or breastfeeding. The technique does not require general anesthesia, typically requires only 48 hour recovery period and leaves permanent results.

The alternative breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years and problems such as scarring and rupture are common.

Q: How are the stem cells derived?
A: First, the fat is harvested using Advanced Lipo. The fat is then processed to extract and concentrate the regenerative cellular extract containing stem cells. Fat is your body’s richest source of adult stem cells. The s regenerative cellular extract containing stem cells is then concentrated with the other harvested fat and injected in the breast. The injection of the fat along with the regenerative cellular extract containing stem cells may result in a permanent up to 1-2 bra cup size increase.

At current, there are several exciting and well-documented therapies for fat and adult stem cells. The future of age related medicine offers remarkable promise for longevity and improved quality of life by utilizing your body’s natural building blocks.

Q: Why should I choose Dr. Andre Berger?
A: Dr. Berger…global leader, pioneer & teacher. As a pioneer of excellence, Dr. Berger is pleased to be able to offer his patients this amazing and wonderful, natural alternative breast enlargement procedure. Dr. Berger is certified using this newer and state of the art technique. Additionally, Dr. Berger has been granted accredited IRB approval to conduct research studies utilizing regenerative cells for other medical conditions. As usual…he remains on the cutting edge without the cutting!

Patients travel from around the globe for his personalized life-changing, age defying treatments because they want to dramatically change their health and appearance without it showing. Our solutions enable you to start aging youthfully today!

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