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Liposuction in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Using today’s safer, more-refined and most-advanced liposuction techniques and technologies… Dr. Berger of Beverly Hills, CA, can virtually change your shape in a matter of hours!

Advantages to the Patient

  • Dr. Berger uses only minimally invasive non-surgical techniques
  • Your Procedure is done while awake, so no general anesthesia is necessary
  • Little or no pain during procedure
  • Results are noticed almost immediately
  • We never use general anesthesia, No IV’s, No Cutting
  • Your recovery is faster & easier with little to no downtime
  • There are no unsightly scars, no stitches, minimal bruising
  • Refined techniques & expertise result in greater skin tightening for all ages
  • Combination treatments are more comprehensive & achieve optimum results
  • Advanced methods replace old aggressive, traditional lipo surgery
  • Gentle techniques & excellent skills achieve permanent, superior results!
  • Our patients walk-in for treatment & they walk-out after treatment

Liposuction Today

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for removing fat and has been used for decades, but Beverly Hills’ Dr. Berger’s advanced awake liposuction techniques have replaced harsh and outdated methods. Dr. Berger has pioneered many of today’s fat loss and body contouring techniques and technologies that he uses, instead of the old, aggressive traditional methods. With newer liposuction technologies such as Liposculpture, Smartlipo™ and BodyJet™, you can get the results you want without the risks of cutting, general anesthesia and IVs associated with traditional liposuction.

Learn more about Rejuvalife’s Advanced Liposuction options:

  • LIPOSCULPTURE is a minimally invasive procedure which uses local tumescent anesthesia to permanently remove body fat with suction. Liposculpture is less traumatic on the body than traditional liposuction because there is no general anesthesia or IV sedation used. Learn more
  • SMARTLIPO™ LASER LIPO is a breakthrough body sculpting technique in Los Angeles which uses laser energy to melt fat and tighten the skin. Smartlipo™ is particularly effective in treating small areas such as the jawline, neck, chin, knees, bra fat, and more. It is also ideal used in combination with Liposculpture or BodyJet for added skin tightening and for correcting contour irregularities, which can occur after liposuction surgeries. Learn more
  • BODYJET™ LIPOSUCTION uses water to gently loosen and remove fat cells. The gentle method and precision instruments allow for remarkably accurate results with far less recovery time and bruising than any other liposuction method used in Beverly Hills today. Learn more
  • FAT TRANSFER is a procedure which can correct skin defects and other depressions on the face and body. Fat is removed from an area where there is excess, such as the abdomen, and then used to naturally plump up other areas like the hands, face, calves, buttocks or other areas. Learn more
  • FAT DISSOLVE is a an injection lipolysis method for reducing or eliminating smaller localised fat deposits. This innovative treatment for dissolving small deposits of fat involve no significant downtime, and is non-invasive without the side effects that are commonly associated with liposuction. Learn more

Advanced Liposuction

All patients are awake during Dr. Berger’s liposuction procedures. Patients love this technique because it is performed under local tumescent anesthesia, while they are awake, and there is little-to-no pain during the procedure. “The results are great, and the patient is under less stress because there is no general anesthesia used, and I can contour and shape the body in less time”, says Dr. Berger. Furthermore, these newer advanced liposuction techniques provide improved body contouring results while minimizing swelling, blood loss, discomfort and overall recovery times, and patients experience enhanced, natural cosmetic results that last.

The new, gentle techniques and refined instruments allow you to chose where you want to lose and to sculpt the shape of your dreams. Liposculpture, SmartLipo, BodyJet, Laser Lipo, used alone or in combination with other amazing options, result in safe, gentle fat removal and precise body sculpting. These procedures are used to reshape problem body areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, “love handles”, male breasts, knees, arms, face, jawline, double chin, neck, and more.

In the comfort of our world-class office suite, Dr. Berger gets the results you want without cutting or IV’s, using only local anesthesia and with brief or no recovery time. Dr. Berger’s patients walk-in for treatment, and they walk-out after treatment!

Dr. Berger – Leader, Pioneer & Teacher

Dr. Andre Berger is a true leader and pioneer of excellence. He is one of the first physicians in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles to always offer you the newest, safest, most advanced non-surgical methods of permanent fat removal without surgery, without general anesthesia or iv sedation. Dr. Berger is respected as a teacher and trainer to other physicians, so they can learn these new advanced body sculpting and advanced liposuction techniques. Dr. Berger has helped to pioneer newer, more advanced lipo techniques and instruments that have virtually done away with the trauma of older techniques. Dr. Advanced liposuctions’ refined techniques and precision instruments, enables Dr. Berger to create healthy looking, natural and beautifully contoured bodies.

Smartlipo, Bodyjet, Laser Assisted Lipo & More…

You will not get better treatment or better results anywhere in Beverly Hills!

Advanced Lipo at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute in beautiful Beverly Hills, California is a where we’ve created countless beautiful, healthy bodies for years. Dr. Andre Berger’s patients travel from around the world to experience his unequalled body sculpting treatments using advanced liposuction methods because they are safer and deliver more precise results. He has pioneered many minimally invasive techniques to create dramatically, beautiful results all without surgery!

*The price of $995 per area applies to 4 or more areas, and is based on BMI. As low as $95.00 per month with financing.

NOTE: All offers are introductory only, certain resrictions apply. For details please call our office. Results not guaranteed. Additional and/or alternate treatments and/or areas may be needed to achieve the desired result. Offers cannot be combined with any other promotion or redeemed for cash, any other product or service. Not valid on previous purchases. Void where prohibited or not deemed medically safe. All patients MUST be evaluated by Dr. Berger prior to treatment. Offers can be revoked at any time. Available to new patients only. Limit one per patient. Please mention “Website Special” when booking your appointment in order to receive

Dramatically change your health and your appearance

Call us for a complimentary consultation at 310-276-4494. We’ll discuss life-changing solutions you can start using today – and you’ll personally experience the science of youthful aging!


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