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Anti-aging Medicine

A Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, we are committed to improving your present health, to prevent age-related diseases, and to improve your overall quality of life by employing a “balanced holistic approach”.

Our Age Management program entails the management and treatment of the entire body to battle the effects of aging. We use advanced, safe and effective medical technologies and solutions to prevent, detect, and treat age-related diseases and issues. We strive to help you attain “total rejuvenation”, through inner health and well-being, balanced with outer beauty.

Providing Individual Attention

Dr. Andre Berger, Board Certified Physician and Cosmetic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA helps patients address the concerns of age. These personalized treatment plans help “slow” the aging process to help you look and feel better. We identify and treat many age-related concerns including:

– Lack of libido
– Hormone imbalances
– Testosterone deficiency
– Mood swings
– Low energy levels
– Sleep problems
– Weight gain
– Reduced muscle mass
– Body contour and appearance problems
– Wrinkles, sagging, dry skin

Age management integrative treatments from Rejuvalife Vitality Institute include:
Diagnostic testing is the initial step in the age management process. Every patient is personally evaluated by Dr. Berger and stepped through a series of customized diagnostic tests. These tests can range from hormonal panels and  food sensitivity to genetic and stress testing. These tests let us identify your issues so that we can create a customized plan to help you achieve the best health possible.

Hormone replacement therapy can return optimal levels to hormones, thus improving your health and enabling your body to function more efficiently. Therapies include testosterone, estrogen, bio-identical hormones, human growth hormones, progesterone and more.

Weight loss, nutrition and fitness plans can help you get fit and eat better. No matter if you are looking to lose weight, improve digestion, manage diabetes, boost your energy, or increase your heart health, these plans can help you with your dietary and health goals.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments from Rejuvalife can improve your image and self-confidence. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments for both the face and body. These treatments include facelift alternatives, skin rejuvenation treatments, body contouring treatments and more.

Nutritional supplements and skincare are important parts to looking and feeling your best, as well as decreasing the risk of many common diseases. After the initial diagnostic tests, we will prescribe supplements to help you achieve your health goals. In addition, we provide the best products and treatments for maintaining superior health for your skin, including peels, facials and more.

The Proven Integrative Approach

At Rejuvalife, we strive to address your emotional, physical and spiritual needs to provide you with the best experience in beauty, health, and complete wellness. Using our integrated approach, we combine Western medicine with proven methods of Eastern medicine. This effectively integrates lifestyle strategies, emotional wellbeing, hormone balance, proper nutrition and fitness. Our goal is that you enjoy health that shows, and age that doesn’t!

Our goal is that you may enjoy health that shows…age that doesn’t.

Why Rejuvalife?

Rejuvalife Vitality Institute is a premier age management center located in Beverly Hills, California. At Rejuvalife, we focus on the whole person using a blend of traditional and alternative therapies. We offer only the most effective, non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedures including Liposculpture, Medical Weight Loss programs and World Class Age Management Medicine.

We correct current conditions, teach you effective age management maintenance, and work with you to prevent future problems. At Rejuvalife, we fuse science and beauty by focusing on both the external beauty & internal health of our patients with the ultimate goal of transforming your life from the inside out.

Dr. Berger invests time in you

In order to honor his commitment of help you attain and maintain total health and wellness and because his philosophy requires a balanced approach that cares for the whole person, Dr. Berger invests the time needed with each patient. He believes that patient and physician develop a clear understanding of and respect for each other as he listens carefully and sensitively to your concerns. Realistic goals will be set, trust established and a treatment plan will be developed. Dr. Berger employs a comprehensive approach to help maximize your youthful life span and achieve a more energetic, beautiful health body and radiant appearance.

Dr. Berger is board certified and world renowned for his age-defying results. As a leader in age management, wellness and non-surgical cosmetic medicine, he possesses a unique combination of skills that make him a true specialist in his field. He is also a “teacher/trainer” to other global physicians who choose to sit under his tutelage and learn his life-changing methods. His techniques, for rejuvenating your health and appearance, effectively integrate Eastern philosophies with world-class Western medical technologies. With an artistic eye, keen sense of aesthetics and his knowledge of science, Dr. Berger offers transformative results that will not only help you look great, but also help you feel your absolute best.

Age Management

Age Management Program Overview

Connie Martinson Talks Books

Connie Martinson discusses The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription and anti-aging medicine with Dr. Berger.


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